Multi-Faceted Security Guard Training in Brooklyn, NY

Serving as a security guard may seem like a simple matter, but the truth is that you need to be skilled in multiple areas to fulfill the role well. Evolution H2H LLC delivers multi-faceted security guard training in Brooklyn, NY, that teaches you everything you need for a successful career.

While self-defense skills and even martial arts can be useful for security guards to learn, your learning shouldn’t end there. That’s why we also emphasize vigilance and teach tricks for staying alert to your surroundings and analyzing potential threats. Furthermore, you can learn important strategies for de-escalating dangerous situations and staying calm in emergencies.

Contact us today to enroll in our training program or learn more about what we teach. We are based in Brooklyn, but we can conduct security guard training wherever there is a demand.

Security Guard Training in Brooklyn, NY

Committed to Inclusion

Like all our classes, we are committed to welcoming students from all walks of life. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, nationality, or disability, we want you to train with us. We make every effort to create and maintain an equal-opportunity learning environment.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our security guard training so that we may address them.