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Advanced Martial Arts & Self-Defense Training in Brooklyn, NY

You see it on the news every night—someone was attacked and injured. How are you supposed to defend yourself from the dangerous threats that lurk around the corner? The answer is martial arts and self-defense training in Brooklyn, NY.

At EVOLUTION H2H LLC, we teach children and adults the skills they need to defend themselves so they can go about life with a greater sense of security. Our martial arts training includes a broad range of styles designed to help all our students find a practical approach to self-defense. These classes are also a great way to fulfill security guard training requirements. Contact us today to learn more about signing up for our individual or group lessons.

Martial Arts Instruction in Brooklyn, NY Martial Arts in Brooklyn, NY Martial Arts Professional in Brooklyn, NY

Level Up Your Training

Self-defense skills can be learned by virtually anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. To help you build up your confidence, we concentrate on teaching realistic approaches for you. This gives you a sense of accomplishment as you become proficient in various techniques and promotes healthy weight loss, muscle growth, and overall good health.

When you want to go beyond self-defense; we also help you master martial arts such as karate, Muay Thai, boxing, and much more.

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Enhance your body and mind with our martial sciences training.
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Martial Arts Program in Brooklyn NY

Learn from a Master

Our founder and chief instructor began his teaching career at the Vee Arnis Jiu-Jitsu Schools of Self Defense. Since 1988, he has spearheaded martial arts training for the Restoration Youth Arts Academy as well as led programs for various law enforcement agencies and the NYC Department of Education’s Children Achieving Effectively (C.A.R.E.). He has also served as the education and training manager at a top NYC security firm.

Currently, our chief instructor is an active security resource professional at an NYC charter school and provides executive protection for celebrities, diplomats, and corporate presidents. He offers training in:

  • Judo
  • Jujitsu
  • Karate
  • Aikijutsu
  • Ninpo
  • Capoeira
  • Arnis
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • Fencing
  • Iaido


  • American Society for Industrial Security, International (ASIS)
  • Loss Prevention Foundation
  • US Kodokan Federation
  • US Budo Kai Kan
  • World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation
  •  International Federation of Ju-Jitsuans


  • Outstanding Contributions to Martial Arts
  • Superior Black Belt of the Year
  • Silver Cup Award Recipient for 30 Years in Martial Arts (2008)
  • Inductee Masters of The Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Holds 7th Dan rank in 3 Martial Arts
  • Award for Exceptional Leadership & Dedicated Service to Youth Arts Academy & Our Community, Recognition from the US Postal Service for Women's Self-Defense Seminar
  • Inductee Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors
  • Decorated USAF veteran


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